Jinan Universe Acrylic Co., LTD is a factory that stresses integrity. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of acrylic products. The factory has R & D and design department, Have a strong team of product designers, Design three new products every week, So our factory supports customized products, we can customize the products you need for you. Strive to be the industry's NO.1 manufacturer.

Our factory professional produce products are:

1.Acrylic food box: Acrylic candy box, Acrylic cake display stand, Acrylic tray, etc.

2.Acrylic display box: Acrylic cosmetic display stand,Acrylic jewerly display, acrylic makeup organizer , acrylic make up organizer , acrylic flower box , acrylic shoe box ,Acrylic Pet House,Acrylic mobile phone display stand, Acrylic packaging box, Acrylic digital display box, Acrylic donation box and so on.

3.Acrylic hotel supplies: acrylic sign holder ,Acrylic signage, Acrylic tissue box, Acrylic storage box, etc.

4.House and living supplies: Acrylic bookshelf, Acrylic brochure shelf, Acrylic photo frame, Acrylic vase, Acrylic desk calendar, Acrylic trophy, medal, Acrylic tray, etc.

5.Acrylic furniture: acrylic podium, Acrylic table, Acrylic chair, Acrylic pet furniture, etc













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